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Why is Daxxify A Unique Neurotoxin?

Client Receiving Neurotoxin Injection

1. Daxxify contains a peptide that the other neurotoxins don’t

Daxxify is made with a peptide. (One that’s synthetic, unlike the animal- and human-derived substances in the others, making this product suitable for vegans.) “Not only does the peptide stay bound to the neurotoxin molecule, it’s also positively charged and attracted to the negatively charged neurosynaptic junction,” Dr. Levine explains. Why does that matter? The neurosynaptic junction is where the neurotoxin binds to the receptor that inhibits muscle contraction—aka what needs to happen in order for the injections to work. Having this peptide present is essentially like covering the botulinum toxin A with double-stick tape; more of it sticks to where it needs to be and stays there longer.

2. Daxxify has a longer duration

This has been the big headline about Daxxify since it first hit the market. In clinical trials, it lasted for six months compared to the three to four months you get from other neurotoxins. (Some participants even saw results that lasted for nine months.)  That being said, it is worth mentioning that Daxxify was studied only in the glabella—the “elevens” lines in between the brows—and that this is currently the only FDA-approved treatment area.

3. Daxxify kicks in faster

In clinical studies, Daxxify results were seen as early as one day post-treatment and typically within two days. This is notably faster than with the other neurotoxins, some of which can take up to two weeks to fully settle in.

4. Daxxify may offer more of a brow lift

Daxxify may deliver a subtle brow-lifting effect… even when injected only into the glabella. A study in Aesthetic Surgery Journal found that patients experienced mild eyebrow elevation after it was injected into the glabellar lines. Achieving a brow lift with neurotoxin is very possible, but it typically has to be injected into the forehead itself. 

5. Daxxify is more expensive

Daxxify costs 1.5–2 times as much as other neurotoxins. (An average cost of $1,845.)

That being said, if you need injections only twice per year instead of three to four times, the final price tag may come out to be about the same.

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Nicole E. Tribble Nicole Eason-Tribble, PA-C, is a medical aesthetic specialist at Forever29 MedSpa in Fort Worth, Texas. Nicole’s style of practice is holistic, artistic, and very personable – always based on medical science and protocols. People are very different, genetically, phenotypically and will be approached and treated as such. She does not use a cookie-cutter approach with her clients’ treatment plans. Nicole believes in educating her clients, and that with an informed client, you can achieve the best and most beautiful outcomes.

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