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What is a PDO Thread Face Lift?

PDO Thread Face Lift

How Does A PDO Thread Face Lift Work? 

This process involves the use of barbs to lift the skin. The sutures are made of a biocompatible material called PDO. They have a dissolving time of six months in the body, stimulating collagen production.

PDO immediately lifts the skin using the barbs and shows long-lasting impacts. Its effect lasts for a minimum of one year or more, depending on the patient’s age and collagen amount.

Barbed sutures are best for lifting saggy mass and wrinkles. It is placed in the headline, gathering and pulling back the skin. PDO firms the jowls and cheeks and lifts the saggy facial mass.

At Forever29 MedSpa, our Providers use FDA Approved VSoft Lift Threads, manufactured in the UK. 

Who Should Not Get a Threadlift? 

The contradictions are the same as the majority of thread-lift procedures and include pregnancy and lactation, acute and chronic infectious diseases, presence of benign and malignant tumours, keloid predisposition, disorders of blood coagulation and serious chronic diseases.

What are the Side effects of a Threadlift?

Side effects are temporary and may include: pain, swelling, temporal asymmetry, transient rippling or dimple formation, transient haematoma or bruising, slight depression or skin irregularity. These inconveniences should disappear a few days after treatment.

How Can I Learn More About a PDO Threadlift?

Schedule A Consultation with a Provider by Texting or Calling our office at 817-904-9558, or email us at


Nicole E. Tribble Nicole Eason-Tribble, PA-C, is a medical aesthetic specialist at Forever29 MedSpa in Fort Worth, Texas. Nicole’s style of practice is holistic, artistic, and very personable – always based on medical science and protocols. People are very different, genetically, phenotypically and will be approached and treated as such. She does not use a cookie-cutter approach with her clients’ treatment plans. Nicole believes in educating her clients, and that with an informed client, you can achieve the best and most beautiful outcomes.

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